Someplace Special Gem Mine
Someplace Special Gem Mine
goldbarnlucy2midnightstormGanetTheres Gold in them thar hills...and Silver and Emeralds and Sapphires and.... Deep in the hills is located a mystical valley called Someplace Special . Steeped in legend ,dripping with treasures , rich in history and loaded with fun , Someplace Special is a great place to spend an afternoon treasure hunting. Thanks for looking at our mobile compatable website
We are a small gem mine offering , to the public, a selection of mining ore that includes Gold and Gemstone Ore. Purchase a bucket of ore from our gem mine and go prospecting at one of our flumes. ( A flume is a long box containing water. ) 
Place some of the ore in a shaker box for gemstones or pan for the gold ,at the flume ,rinse with water and simply pick out your wonderful treasure. No digging required!!!! So far we have found genuine Gold Nuggets, Ruby, Aquamarine,Garnet, Emerald ,Sapphire, Blue Apatite ,Green/Blue Kyanite, and lots of other jewels in our ore. 
The ore in the buckets that come from here ,is simply filled with Gold, and Gemstones. 
ATTENTION!!!! An EXTREMELY !!!!rich deposit of ore was found this fall and promises to produce even more treasures this year. Early tests indicate a substantial increase in valuable material in each bucket. This promises to be some of the worlds best gemstone ore ever found. 
The Gold Nuggets vary in size and in how pure they are but , are commonly found in the ore and valuable. The Gemstones range from a few carets to as many as over 4000 and they are valuable as well.

 Disclaimer::The use of our facility is for entertainment purposes only. We make no claims that you will become wealthy from searching for Gemstones or Gold here here. Please consider this statement carefully and make an adult judgment about a visit here. Please understand that the Legend Of Someplace Special is purely legend and should be viewed as such. We are simply a fun place to spend the day... nothing more!!!! 

A recent single 2 1/2 gallon bucket yielded an amazing 5000 carats (2.2 lbs) in gemstones!! The best part is ..Gold or Jewels..YOU GET TO KEEP WHAT YOU FIND!!!! . Unlike some gem mines, We never charge an admission fee and we never charge you to tell you what kinds of gemstones you have found. We strive to make your familys experience here a positive and fun time with our friendly staff and quiet surroundings Have your jewels set in rings , necklaces, or even a bracelet. Its an affordable way to spend a few hours gem hunting close to home. With the high price of gas,why go to a North Carolina gem mine to treasure hunt ,when there are tons of valuable Gemstones and Gold right here, in your own back yard. 
The mining ore costs $10.00 per bucket for a 2 1/2 gallon size container of ore from our mines
. Family 5 buckets of Gemstone ore and get the 6th bucket free. 
Buy 10 Gemstone buckets and get 3 free buckets.
 Specials do not apply to the Gold buckets!!!!!!! 
It usually takes from 30 to 45 minutes to sift thru a bucket,(depending on how much bragging you do about your treasures) 
Churches, Schools and other groups are welcome. We can even do birthday parties. Please book larger partys well in advance so we can make sure we have enough ore down from the mine.
 Give us a call at (304)575-9732 to get your mining adventure started today!!! 

Caution!!!!! Treasure hunting can be very addictive. Rough gemstones and Gold nuggets here are very common and found here daily . They are valuable,but the chances of finding a multimillion dollar stone or nugget is also very slim .The use of this website and of our facility is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be used as a way to attempt to become wealthy. We reserve the right to refuse mining ore to any person or persons, we feel has become addicted to the search of our ore here Please use common sense when considering massive purchases of gemstone or gold ore. Add Me to your Phone Book
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